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If you want to contribute to PixelDroid, you can do so in several ways:
# Translation
You can help to translate PixelDroid to your favourite language. Please do not submit Merge Requests directly, but use our weblate at .
You can add a new language by using the "Start new translation" button on the bottom left of the page.
Before translating, please take a look at the []( file for details and some guidance.
# Creating issues on the issue tracker
If you encounter a problem or have an idea about how to make PixelDroid better, you should make an issue about it on our [GitLab project]( If you encountered a problem, please make sure to document how to reproduce it, and include screenshots if possible. If you are making a suggestion, please try to be detailed in your description.
# Contribute changes or fix bugs
You can also help us solve one of the existing issues, or improve the application in some other way, by contributing changes yourself. To do this you can fork the project and submit a Merge Request.
Before starting to work on an issue or an improvement, you can ask us on our Matrix channel ( what we think, or make a comment on the relevant issue, so that we might point you in the right direction, and to make sure someone else is not already working on it.
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# Register on our Weblate instance
Sign up on our instance and go to the PixelDroid project here:
No need to specify your real name, obviously, unless you want to.
# Start translating
Go to the project's page ( ). Click on the language you want to work with (for example, Catalan would be at ). Then click the "Translate" button on the right. You can then edit the missing translations and review existing ones.
For more details, you can check out Weblate's documentation:
## Glossaries
When translating something containing a term specific to Pixelfed, PixelDroid, or the fediverse in general, be sure to add the items to the glossary of the language you are translating to, this helps to keep translating consistent. When translating, make sure to check the glossary to use the proper terms, and if you change an entry in the glossary make sure to also edit the entries containing that term.
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