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language: android
# The BuildTools version used by your project (make sure it's exactly the same as in the build.gradle)
- build-tools-29.0.3
# The SDK version used to compile your project
- android-29
# The SDK version used by the system image
- android-22
# The system image, to run an emulator during the tests
- sys-img-armeabi-v7a-android-22
# Emulator Management: Create, Start and Wait
- echo no | android create avd --force -n test -t android-22 --abi armeabi-v7a
- emulator -avd test -no-audio -no-window &
- android-wait-for-emulator
- adb shell input keyevent 82
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# PixelDroid
Software Development Project course, EPFL, Spring 2020
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