enable creating albums (#229)

* Moved the crop button so that it doesn't take space in the activity

* Semi transparent in the middle, same position than the image

* First draft of the album creation

* choose multiple images in gallery

* Added functionalities to Album creation

* merge with master

* Gallery of images selected for the album creation

* to merge with master

* Images editable individually

* Creation of album is now possible

* Added tests

* Added test to edit picture selected

* merge PostCreation and AlbumCreation

* Merged completely PostCreation and AlbumCreation

* removed albumCreation in Manifest

* Refactored slightly

* Don't re-upload all images at each edit, only re-upload one

* Make sure all images are uploaded, correctly calculate progress

* comment assert, sorry

* fix test

* fix merge

Co-authored-by: Joachim Dunant <joachim.dunant@epfl.ch>
Co-authored-by: Matthieu <61561059+Wv5twkFEKh54vo4tta9yu7dHa3@users.noreply.github.com>
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