🐛 Bug fixes

  • We now store and use refresh tokens, so the app shouldn't stop working every 2 weeks anymore. (#169)

🚀 Improvements

  • We now use the new Paging3 API and cache the feeds in the database. The new way to handle feeds isn't perfect yet, but provides a better basis from which to build
  • You can now delete your posts
  • You can no longer report your own posts. Just delete it if you don't like it ;)
  • You can now select the language in the app! This should make it easier to contribute to our translations (weblate.pixeldroid.org). We also added links to the Weblate instance and GitLab repo within the About activity
  • We no longer re-bind the camera every time the camera tab is entered. This removes the black flash upon entering the tab, and it shouldn't cause issues where the camera gets unbound (if you get a black camera tab please open an issue and describe how you got that to happen!)
  • Error messages are now shown in the feeds, including when the feed is empty (instead of infinite loading indicator). Sometimes these still show when they shouldn't, but that is being looked at (#269).

🗒 Notes

Until we release the 1.0 version, we have enabled destructive database migrations. This means you won't get crashes anymore when upgrading to a new version, but the database will be wiped automatically if necessary. Since nothing of value is stored in the database yet, this shouldn't cause any issues except forcing you to login again (which you would have needed to do anyway).

Once we do the 1.0 release we will configure database migrations so that updates can happen without needing to login again.

💓 Contributions wanted:

If you want to help us work on PixelDroid, you can take a look at our CONTRIBUTING.md.

You can help translate, create issues on our tracker to tell us what's broken or what needs improvements, or help with the programming part of things if you're so inclined.