🚀 Improvements

This update overhauls the post creation flow:

  • switch from a carousel view to the grid view
  • add or remove images, save the images to your gallery
  • in the edit activity there is now a reset button to undo your changes
  • trying to exit with unsaved modifications will ask the user to confirm
  • saving to gallery has been moved to the post creation from the edit activity, it should now be more intuitive how to save edit changes

Translations were updated. Thank you for your contributions, translators!


Stopped using deprecated Kotlin Android Extensions, and switch from synthetics to view binding. Simplified some code and moved some UI code into the XML.

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed opening the about page crashing the app
  • Fixed the search activity not opening
  • Fixed camera switching not working

NB: currently there seems to be a server bug causing 500 responses in the public feed, this is not a PixelDroid bug and will be fixed soon () in Pixelfed.