🚀 Improvements

You can now add an image description to each of the images of your post (this is the same description that you can access with a long press on an image in a post, and it is also used for accessibility purposes).

Back when we were still on GitHub, MasterGroosha opened an issue regarding plurals in the translations: #234 (thank you 😄 ).
This should now be implemented properly, and plurals should now be working! Of course this means that we had to remove some of the translations, to move to the new plurals-enabled ones.

Some translations were updated. Thank you for your contributions, translators!

📝 If you want to help translate the app, including the new plurals, head over to https://weblate.pixeldroid.org 😊


The splash screen was changed to the "fred (pixelfed mascot) using a phone" drawing.

🐞 Bug fixes

A crash when clicking the username in a post was fixed.