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  • v1.0.alpha5

    Prevent various crashes (thanks for the reports, keep them coming!).
    Add error messages to feeds, profiles, discover (instead of toasts).
    Add album icons to post previews (both in profiles and discover).
    Remove superfluous API call.
    Partially fix accounts multiplying themselves in follow feeds (#219). Not quite fixed for Pixelfed, but things are much better.
    Fix thumbnail of last photo (in camera tab) not working on some Android versions.
    Fix some bugs that caused display names to be inconsistent or not working.
    Add basic support for mastodon's polls (to prevent crashes when they show up in a feed).
    Merge some translations (thank you translators ).
    Fix a bug causing comments to show up on other posts (#141).

  • v1.0.alpha4.1
    Release Upload fix

    Small release to fix an issue where adding more images would break the upload process(#257), go read yesterday's release notes for more info :)

  • v1.0.alpha4

    Thank you all for your patience, we've been busy improving the app lately and here's a release that should make PixelDroid a lot more usable and closer to being ready for 1.0.

    A lot of work still needs to be done, and we are dependent on the server implementation of the API of course, so some features cannot work until they are implemented, or fixed, there.

    Since we don't implement database migration until the 1.0 release, it's possible you have to wipe the data of the app after updating it

    📰 Changelog:

    Add post reporting functionality (currently not yet functional on pixelfed servers, but pixelfed devs are working on it! It does work on Mastodon, as confirmed with the nice admins of Fosstodon).

    Add crash reporting function: when there is a crash the app will give you the option of sending us an email about it (this was done by incorporating TraceDroid, a great, tiny dependency). Please do send us the reports, but try to not send the same report too many times, and try to add steps to reproduce the error to the email!

    Add about screen (including list of dependencies and their licenses).

    Improve UI: general polish, usability improvements

    • Add hamburger icon to bottom bar (#237)
    • Make it easier to upload multiple photos, and possible to take multiple photos in-app. Improve post creation UI: it should be clearer what the UI means now (issue #238)
    • Change titles of top bars, add back button on the bars where appropriate
    • profiles now scroll properly instead of having two scrollable surfaces somewhat in conflict with eachother
    • small discover text on the search&discover tab, so that users know what this seemingly random image grid is. Search field UI improved.
    • Image grids are no longer misaligned (#242), and they take more of the available space with less dead whitespace.
    • Add time to notifications.

    Make it possible to access image description by long clicking on the image.

    Move "share picture" and "save to gallery" to three-dot menu on post: add "report" and "share link" options to this menu.

    Big behind-the-scenes changes to try to improve perfomance and reduce duplication.

    Fetch nodeinfo endpoint from instance to get info about the capabilities of the instance (not used for everything it should be yet, but the plumbing is in place).

    Translation updates (thank you translators!!!). Also made some hardcoded strings translatable.

    Dependency updates.

    Improve compatibility with Mastodon.

    Warning message when using the app with non-pixelfed instances.

    Fix various bugs and crashes.

    P.S.: the naming change is still planned, although now that ConnyDuck's pixelcat is announced it would feel quite silly to rename to something like pixelpanda, luckily we still have some time to think it through before 1.0 😉

  • v1.0.alpha3

    As stated in previous releases, there are still quite some issues with the Pixelfed API causing some things not to work. Most notably:

    • 2FA does not work
    • likes, shares, etc do not work well
    • some lists repeat endlessly the same few entries
    • if you have a previous alpha installed, uninstall it first (database migration is not supported while still in alpha)
  • v1.0.alpha2
    ed6edbb5 · Translations (#215) ·

    Just another alpha release including some bug fixes and some improvements.

    The notes about what's broken from the previous release notes still apply (although #177 has gotten a bit better).

  • v1.0.alpha1
    379b2c9a · Alpha release 1 (#178) ·

    The fediverse is 12 years old, so we decided to celebrate (slightly late) by doing an alpha release.

    Broken things related to API problems: search repeats results, likes/shares don't work correctly, can't click on a hashtag to see a list of posts with that hasthag, can't see comments, 2FA-protected accounts cannot be used (of course these things could also be broken client-side, but that's more of an academic question at this point)

    Broken things that might be solved with changes server-side: thumbnails saying "no preview available" sometimes (more debugging is needed to pinpoint the problem)

    Bugs we know of #161 #141 #177, look through the issues to see what we still want to work on and what we know should be better

    We haven't tested the app with rtl languages yet, expect things to break there (reports welcome)